Saturday, January 23, 2010

My day!!!

I have decided to take every one's advice and write about my life. Let me tell you about my family a little first. Along with my kids I have 4 dogs, 2 ferrets, a snake and a mouse. The mouse was dinner for the snake but he was not hungry. Now, he is to big to eat and is a pet. My husband is the manager of a club and works every night of the week except Sunday. Since he works all night you might guess he sleeps all day. My kids range in age from 18 years to 18 months. There are four girls and four boys. My 18 month old son likes to stay up until 2 a.m. but he does sleep until 8 or 9. I do not get that much sleep though. I wish!
My days begin at about 3 a.m. when my husband gets home from work. He says, "You don't have to get up when I get home." What he doesn't realize that when I hear the door open, the keys hit the headboard, the phone clicking, and then the television comes on it is really hard to stay asleep. Then, i finally go back to sleep and the alarm goes off at 5:45 and I have to get the kids up for school. Let me tell you that with one bathroom it takes FOREVER to get everybody up and out. Then I lay back down until the baby gets up. Well, sometimes I get up an hour before him for my wake up time. While I am waking up I usually start the laundry, give the pets food and water, clean up what messes they might have made, I get Michael's juice cup and cereal ready, I get my drink and breakfast, and trying to figure out what I am going to make for dinner. Then, I hear the suttle sounds of a toddler kicking the wall trying to say, "Hey, I am up!" My husband is still asleep. I go get the baby and change the dreaded morning diaper. Let me tell you he can put his daddy to shame on the smell. Shewwwww! So, it is breakfast time. The breakfast works like this. My son runs back and forth through the living room with a cup in one hand and a block in the other. I try and shove a bite of cereal or whatever I get him to eat that day. I wish I had half the energy he has. Is it nap time yet? Oh, by the way, my child has a weird fascination with ladybugs and my husband is still asleep. Is it nap time yet?
Now, it is time for lunch. This usually happens around noon. We usually have some kind of chips and chicken nuggets. This is because he will not eat anything else. While he eating I grab a quick bite because I know the fun is getting ready to start because this is the time that he starts getting grouchy and my cleaning begins. After he eats it is time to get him cleaned up and let him run around until the sleepy sets in. Time for a cartoon. He probably will not fall asleep but he will sit still long enough to watch certain cartoons. Time to clean!!! First, I go through and check all the food and water for the animals(they eat a bunch), then I make them all get in the bed or go outside (they do not like the vacuum cleaner), sweep, mop, vacuum, wash the breakfast and lunch dishes, and do another load of clothes. Guess what, my husband is up! So, now it is time for his lunch. He gets done and we get to spend our hour together. Then he has to start his running for the club, I watch Days of Our Lives and do another load of laundry.Is anyone else tired yet?
It is now time for the kids to get home from school! So, that must mean it is 3:30. They start their homework and I am going to take a break for about 30 minutes. Then it will be time to start dinner because it has to be done by 5 p.m. that way my husband can eat before work. As I am cooking dinner and running after the baby, my husband starts the long line of showers that have to begin, and the kids that have finished their studies get to start on their chores for the day. Now that they are home I have them clean the yard, check on the pets and after dinner they get dishes. That doesn't seem like much to me but they act like it is impossible to do. After dinner the kids get showers and baths and I do more laundry. Time for my husband to go to work and the kids go off to their rooms. Just me and the toddler again and he still has not had a nap. He climbs up in my lap to watch television and falls asleep.
After dinner is done, the kitchen is clean, and the showers are done I get to watch television for a little bit but there is usually something going on and I am up doing things. I usually use this time to do my work and studying for Kaplan. I know that when the little man gets up my papers have to be put away. He does not like for me to do anything without him. When I finally get him settled back down to watch a cartoon around midnight I like to play around on Facebook and do a little more homework. About 1 a.m. he is about to go to sleep and I lay in the bed waiting for him to go to sleep. It finally happens. YAY!!!! I can close my eyes. Then, it all happens again. What the Crap! I need sleep!!!!


  1. You have busy days! Goodness I do not know how you fit all of that in! And the pets! I hope that Unit 4 is fun for you and I will talk to you soon!

  2. Well, it could be worse! You could work all day and only see the kids when it is time for bed, and occasionally on the weekends... that's pretty much when my son and I see each other. The daycare raises him, so sad. Enjoy your time with them! =D