Friday, February 26, 2010

A new day?

Well, last week I didn't post a new blog because there was so many overwhelming things that were going on. This week I am making sure to get it done. So here it goes.
I have come to the shocking conclusion that things need to change. I went to some parent teacher conferences yesterday and I was shocked to hear that the few bad grades that my kids receieved were because they didn't turn in homework. So I had to come home and get irrate. I really do not see how they aren't getting it done. I do my homework and they don't have anything else to do. Yes, my kids can be lazy. Time to change things up. I also realized that if I don't lose some weight I could possibly become very sick. I took my blood pressure yesterday and it was a little high but my husband went to the doctor and they put him on medicine for his. So, we now have a wii active. Maybe just maybe I will wake up Monday morning ready to get some exercise. I really hope so. Well, let's see what else? Not much I guess. This week has been uneventful thank goodness. Classes are almost done. I am looking forward to that break for a little bit. I have to say that I am not very happy with myself this go around because my grades have took a turn for the worse. That is my own fault I will be better next time.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Maybe I can get things caught up !

Well this week has been pretty uneventful. We have started looking for a house again. Now my husband just can not find anything that knocks his socks off. We foound a couple before but since they have changed things around so much we are missing out every time. I have had such good luck with school before and for some reason this time I just can't get things together. With all the sick people around me and the house CRAP, and my husband in desperate need of an assistant manager I just can't get a break. Every week since this round of classes have started I have been behind. Hopefully this week will be different. I am already ahead of where I am usually at. YAY ME!!!!
Well, on a different note. I bought myself the WII active. I have heard alot of good things about it. I just wonder if it will actually work for me. My New Year's resolution was to lose about fifty pounds and to help my husband lose more than that. I have a very hard time getting out and about. So my workouts are limited to here at the house. I also really need to start cooking healthier. That is going to be extremely difficult because I strongly believe that butter and sweets shouold be the two main food groups. I am such a huge fan of Mrs. Paula Deen. She is the best cook in the world!!!!! SHe is also a southern lady so that is a bonus. Well, like I said it has been a very uneventful week. I hope everybody is doing well. Time to hit the hay.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Buying A House!!!

Okay so a couple of months ago my husband and I decided to buy a house. Yay!!!! We talk to the mortgage company and tell them this is what we can do and can you help us? They tell us no problem, you can get a loan, start looking. We started looking and found one. So, we turn in everything they ask for, we sign the contracts, and my husband tells me to start packing because we will be moving in thirty days. After about two weeks the phone rings. The mortgage company says sorry we can't help you. But, two weeks ago with these same papers you said you could, what changed? Our debt to income ratio changed. Can someone please tell me how that changed when the pay didn't change and neither did the debt? I sure don't know! So, our poor real estate lady has put up with us looking for a house big enough to fit us all and far enough out of town so my husband can have his country. Oh My GOODNESS!!!! She is such a great lady. She told us about another company. My husband calls him and tells him what happened. This man was totally shocked that it was handled so poorly. We turn all of the SAME paperwork to him. A few days later we get a call. He tells us in three months we can start looking for a house. That by then everything would be where it needed to be for a loan. We ask, "How much?" They tell us our limit and we wait. There is no sense in looking when we have to wait. So, a couple of weeks ago our time was up. Time to start looking again. Now instead of just looking, we actually called the guy and asked first. Just to make sure we weren't waisting our time. Is everything ready to go, can we still get the loan, and how much? We get all the details and call our lady again. We finally found a place. We LOVED it. We couldn't get. This house was in a flood zone and the people selling it would have to lower their price which they have already done. Start looking again! We went out to look at a place and this man calls us and lowers our loan amount another $15,000. You have got to be freaking kidding me! What changed? Again no one knows! Why in the world would you have a job and not know what the crap you are doing? If nothing has changed on end of the paperwork then one would assume that it had to be on the other end right? So if it is your company and you own it then why can't you tell me the problem?