Monday, May 24, 2010

Almost over!

Okay so this set of classes is almost over. Yay!!!!! I really enjoyed them and I believe I might actually continue to write in my blog. I am not sure yet. Well, graduation went well. However, they were supposed to announce that our son got a full 4 year scholarship to Martim Methodist College but that did not happen. I guess that really does not matter. We had so many people at our house Thursday it was insane. Then as we are getting ready to load up in the cars it starts pouring down the rain. Luckily the graduation was inside. My mom decided to stay until today. This meant that again I got behind on everything. Homework, housework, me time but all is well. I am finally getting caught up. I am going to keep this one short because I am worn out. Good night!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My crazy, busy week.

I am so far behind this week and it is driving me bananas. Our oldest son, who is 18, is graduating high school this week. That means a have a boatload of people coming over. My husband and I just bought a house, which half the family has never seen before, and we are doing our spring cleaning before everyone gets here. So for the past two days I have been spending my down time steam sleaning our carpets. Oh yes what fun I have! Admit it you are jealous of all my fun. Now that my house is clean I get to catch up on my homework. Tomorrow my in laws are coming into town and they will be with us until Friday. I have to start getting stuff ready for our cookout Thursday. Plus, we a special feature entertainer coming to our club this weekend. I pray that I make it through the weekend with all my hair!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Never boring!

This week I have to tell you about my wonderful 2 year old boy again. Just a couple days ago I took my son upstairs for his nap. I laid him down, changed his diaper, gave him his drinnk and started his cartoon. He fussed for a little bit but eventually he calmed down. At least I thought he did. I told my 16 year old daughter to go check on him just to make sure. She came back downstairs laughing like crazy. " you have got to look at your son", she said. This is never a good thing. My wonderful, beautiful, innocent two year old had taken his diaper off. Can you see where this is going? Yes, he pooped. Not only did he poop but he all decided to paint my walls with it. That is why I believe that mother's should not get just one day. We should get the weekend. My weekend everyone was gone for the most part. My toddler was her and my husband was too. He doesn't count because he was asleep most of the time. I did have a great Mother's Day dinner even though I made it. I love my family though.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away!

Okay, this weekend Tennessee got flooded. Guess where I live.... Tennessee! Well we got extremely lucky compared to most people. We did have a little river running through our yard for a little bit but it could be a lot worse. My mom's yard had become a small pond, my dad's work has four feet of water in it. The road they live on is right next to the river. My dad and sister are absolutly crazy because they actually went out in the crap. My sister went to town and back just fine. My dad tried to go a different way and got the van stuck. He had to call 911 and everything. He is okay but the van isn't. I know I am not supossed to laugh but I cannot help it. He always used to make fun of me for doing STUPID things well guess what pops you do it too. HAHA! I wouldn't joke about it but you know how parents always give us a hard time about stuff. So, I think it is only fair that I return the favor. Thank god we are all safe. Maybe they will learn that if there is water over the road you really shouldn't drive through it. DUH!