Friday, February 26, 2010

A new day?

Well, last week I didn't post a new blog because there was so many overwhelming things that were going on. This week I am making sure to get it done. So here it goes.
I have come to the shocking conclusion that things need to change. I went to some parent teacher conferences yesterday and I was shocked to hear that the few bad grades that my kids receieved were because they didn't turn in homework. So I had to come home and get irrate. I really do not see how they aren't getting it done. I do my homework and they don't have anything else to do. Yes, my kids can be lazy. Time to change things up. I also realized that if I don't lose some weight I could possibly become very sick. I took my blood pressure yesterday and it was a little high but my husband went to the doctor and they put him on medicine for his. So, we now have a wii active. Maybe just maybe I will wake up Monday morning ready to get some exercise. I really hope so. Well, let's see what else? Not much I guess. This week has been uneventful thank goodness. Classes are almost done. I am looking forward to that break for a little bit. I have to say that I am not very happy with myself this go around because my grades have took a turn for the worse. That is my own fault I will be better next time.

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  1. I know what you mean about the weight thing. Even though I have made healthy changes to my life I am still not active enough. I look forward to summer when there is no longer four feet of snow on the ground! Maybe I can get some gardening in. I sure hope so! Good luck at your end and i will talk with you soon!