Monday, May 10, 2010

Never boring!

This week I have to tell you about my wonderful 2 year old boy again. Just a couple days ago I took my son upstairs for his nap. I laid him down, changed his diaper, gave him his drinnk and started his cartoon. He fussed for a little bit but eventually he calmed down. At least I thought he did. I told my 16 year old daughter to go check on him just to make sure. She came back downstairs laughing like crazy. " you have got to look at your son", she said. This is never a good thing. My wonderful, beautiful, innocent two year old had taken his diaper off. Can you see where this is going? Yes, he pooped. Not only did he poop but he all decided to paint my walls with it. That is why I believe that mother's should not get just one day. We should get the weekend. My weekend everyone was gone for the most part. My toddler was her and my husband was too. He doesn't count because he was asleep most of the time. I did have a great Mother's Day dinner even though I made it. I love my family though.

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