Monday, May 3, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away!

Okay, this weekend Tennessee got flooded. Guess where I live.... Tennessee! Well we got extremely lucky compared to most people. We did have a little river running through our yard for a little bit but it could be a lot worse. My mom's yard had become a small pond, my dad's work has four feet of water in it. The road they live on is right next to the river. My dad and sister are absolutly crazy because they actually went out in the crap. My sister went to town and back just fine. My dad tried to go a different way and got the van stuck. He had to call 911 and everything. He is okay but the van isn't. I know I am not supossed to laugh but I cannot help it. He always used to make fun of me for doing STUPID things well guess what pops you do it too. HAHA! I wouldn't joke about it but you know how parents always give us a hard time about stuff. So, I think it is only fair that I return the favor. Thank god we are all safe. Maybe they will learn that if there is water over the road you really shouldn't drive through it. DUH!

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